Pillars of Well-Being

Well-being is multidimensional, which means it encompasses numerous aspects (or pillars) of our life. Each pillar is comprised and impacted by many individual factors (e.g. sleep, diet, mindset, exercise, relationships, etc.). When we tend to these factors through daily routines, goal setting and practice, the results can be very satisfying and rewarding. When certain parts are left out, or neglected, the outcome is likely not as good. In exploring, supporting, or enhancing your own well-being it is important to become familiar with, and give proper attention to, each pillar.

Independently, each pillar plays an essential role for supporting our well-being. Collectively, they provide a solid foundation that accounts for and holds up your well-being. The pillars of well-being are also interconnected. This means that changes (positively or negatively) in one area can affect and/or lead to changes in other areas. Thus, attention to and harmony across all areas is essential to maximizing your overall well-being. The stronger each pillar, the better our well-being becomes, and the greater our chances are to thrive.